With thanks again to Ryan Taylor for once again live streaming our event!

Video Playlist:

Sponsor Talk CZ.NIC

Building Self-Deployable Community Wireless Network for Rural Areas

Gateway as a single point security platform

Sponsor Talk prpl

OpenWRT @ Technicolor

Sponsor Talk Intel

Use of OpenWrt in Intel CPEs

F* the cloud, stay local

Sponsor Talk Inteno

Sponsor Talk Sentinel

Panel: OpenWrt/LEDE Core Team Describes Future Goals and Responds to Your Questions

Prototyping a lifecycle management implementation

Whole Home WiFi coverage using a network of OpenWrt devices

OpenWISP 2: the modular configuration manager for OpenWRT

Improving the Quality in OpenWrt/LEDE

Integration of custom Web UIs into OpenWrt

Challenges of using OpenWRT as a rolling distro

Lightning Talks:
Pantacor: create, share and deploy device firmwares and apps using container technology
Multipath TCP: Double the speed of the link

Presentation of OpenWrt/LEDE Survey results & Wrap up